Hüseyin KAZAN



The media industry is being rapidly digitalized in line with the technological advances. Particularly, the magazines are being digitalized to present a more interactive content and to reduce the costs. The digitalized magazines get rid of the printing costs and are issued with a greater volume by overcoming the problem of page limitation. The digital magazines can take more advertisements and place greater number of photograph and news. The women’s magazines, which use photographs extensively and try to offer a richer content, try to meet the readers both with printed and digital versions. The women’s magazines have greater popularity as they have accessibility and affordability or mostly free availability. The reader, who does not want to buy the printed version, can access the digital magazines from their mobile phone or tablet online or offline after downloading. The choice of Bela which is monthly published in Bulgaria as well as Elele published in Turkey in this study titled “A Comparative Review of Bela and Elele Digital Magazines in terms of Content”, are also due to their online accessibility. 11 of the year 2013 issues of the two magazines are analyzed both qualitatively and quantitively with a content analysis. Since both journals did not published the January issue of the year 2013, 11 issues of them are examined. Since the latest digital version of the Bela magazine is the 2014 March issue, the year 2013 is chosen as the closest date to today. The type and number of news, photo usage rates, the distribution of advertisements constitute the main elements of the study. The examination show that the contents are heavily similar to each other although the countries and cultures are different. The news on fashion, beauty, personal care, health and sexuality are among the indispensable news of both magazines.

Keywords: Bela Magazine, Elele Magazine, Digital Magazines, Woman’s Magazines, Turkish Magazines, Bulgarian Magazines






[1]        Bela Magazine, Issue 2013/179

[2]         Bela Magazine, Issue 2013/180

[3]         Bela Magazine, Issue 2013/181

[4]         Bela Magazine, Issue 2013/182

[5]         Bela Magazine, Issue 2013/183

[6]         Bela Magazine, Issue 2013/184

[7]         Bela Magazine, Issue 2013/185

[8]        Bela Magazine, Issue 2013/186

[9]       Bela Magazine, Issue 2013/187

[10]     Bela Magazine, Issue 2013/188

[11]      Bela Magazine, Issue 2013/189

[12]      Elele Magazine, Issue 2013/2

[13]     Elele Magazine, Issue 2013/3

[14]      Elele Magazine, Issue 2013/4

[15]      Elele Magazine, Issue 2013/5

[16]      Elele Magazine, Issue 2013/6

[17]      Elele Magazine, Issue 2013/7

[18]      Elele Magazine, Issue 2013/8

[19]      Elele Magazine, Issue 2013/9

[20]      Elele Magazine, Issue 2013/10

[21]      Elele Magazine, Issue 2013/11

[22]      Elele Magazine, Issue 2013/12

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